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Private jewelry classes help you learn and retain more information because you always have the full attention of your instructor. This allows you to instantly ask questions, receive answers and work quietly when needed. In the end, you’ll not only know how to accomplish a technique, but also why it works the way it does!


3-hour Private Jewelry Lesson

No experience necessary!

This basic techniques class where you learn all about the basics of jewelry fabrication using basic hand tools and a torch.


Everything you need to learn the basics of metalsmithing will be provided during class.


You’ll learn all about:

·         Shop Safety

·         Cutting metals with a jewelers saw

·         Refining your design with files and other hand tools

·         Texturing and finishing metal

·         Preparing your work for soldering

·         Proper soldering techniques using a handheld torch

·         How to set up a low-cost home studio

·         And much more!


Contact me with some ideas for your best days and times and let’s schedule a class together!

Weekday or weekend, day or evening classes available.


$150 3 hour private lesson



Studio Rental Rates are based on your needs:

  •  Experienced Jeweler: Studio rental only. $20/hr (requires orientation meeting)

  •  Advanced instruction – occasional tips and tricks to help you hone your skills plus I’ll be around to help you if you need it on occasion as you work mostly on your own. $40/hr

  •  Intermediate instruction – lessons on specific techniques plus studio time to work on your project. Price depends on the level of instruction necessary.

All studio rental rates include the use of in-studio tools and consumables. Raw materials such as copper, silver, wire, stones, etc. will be available for purchase as needed.



Contact me for more information!

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